Distal radius fracture

A distal or Colles fracture is one of the most frequent fractures, it corresponds to 20% of all fractures attended in the emergency room. A distal radius can affect not only mobility but can also cause deformity and chronic pain on the wrist.

What is the distal radius?

It’s the point at which the hand meets the forearm, this is why a fracture here would affect wrist mobility. A poorly managed injury in this area can create limitations when performing routine activities.

Types of distal radius fractures

There are two types of distal radius (wrist) fractures:

  • Fractures in young and adult patients: fractures come about because of high-energy trauma or impact, they can be caused by practicing sports, traffic accidents or falls from high altitudes. These are more complex injuries and are therefore more difficult to treat.
  • Fractures in senior and osteoporotic patients: most cases are caused by low impact trauma, making them more common but less complex.

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