Frequently Asked Questions

Carpal Tunnel

preguntas frecuentes túnel del carpio

What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Tingling sensation in the fingers of the hands, mainly in the thumb, the index and the middle finger.

What are the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome?

The syndrome is caused by certain types of repetitive hand movements or vibratory activities that cause swelling of the tendons.

How to relieve pain from carpal tunnel syndrome?

The doctor´s treatment must be followed, alongside with the use of a wristband, and depending if the wrist had been compromised and the diagnosis, a surgical procedure must be performed.

What are the consequences of carpal tunnel syndrome?

Sensitivity is lost and grip strength is lost.

When is surgery recommended as a procedure to treat the carpal tunnel?

When the exam results point out that the wrist is severely compromised, or when the patient has already undergone therapy and exercise, and still does not improve.


Can the carpal tunnel syndrome improve without surgery?

Yes, depending if the wrist is compromised, avoiding repetitive movements, and sleeping with the hands folded. A medical evaluation is important to determine the treatment to be performed.

How long does it take the incapacity after a carpal tunnel syndrome surgery?

Approximately 30 days.

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