Frequently Asked Questions


preguntas frecuentes gangliones

Why do ganglions appear on the wrists?

The cause is unknown, but they can be formed on a joint or a tendon.

How does a ganglion disappear?

They can disappear with immobilization, with an infiltration, or with surgery.

Why does a ganglion hurt?

It hurts when it appears, when it compresses a nerve, or when its volume limits joint mobility.

What are the benefits of a ganglion surgery on the hand?

The joint mass is removed and the pain disappears.

How long does it take the incapacity of a ganglion surgery on the hand?

It depends on the type of procedure. If it is open surgery (large wound) up to approximately 30 days, and if it is by minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy) only 10 days approximately.

What should be the aftercare of a ganglion surgery on the wrist?

The wound should not be wet. Immediately after surgery, the fingers and wrist should be moved. For the first three days, keep the hand elevated.

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