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Fabio Andrés
     Tandioy Delgado
         Hand Surgeon

He completed his medical education in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. He also studied abroad and continuously does research on hand surgery and treatment.

Fabio Tandioy Perfil Cirujano de Mano


Dr. Fabio Andrés Tandioy Delgado is a physician, hand surgeon, specialist in Orthopedics at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (Medellín).

In 2011 he specialized in hand surgery at the University of Barcelona (Spain), where he had the opportunity to meet highly prestigious hand surgeons, not only known for their excellent surgical skills but also for their brilliant academic knowledge and track record of research.

As a hand surgeon in Medellín, he is a pioneer in the country by applying the advanced technique of Wrist Arthroscopy, a technique learned from one of his
mentors, Dr. Francisco del Pinal, a world pioneer in this type of technique which he continued to improve through collaboration with Dr. Andrea Atzei in Italy.

Dr. Tandioy performs minimally invasive (arthroscopic) procedures, which allow better functional results and a faster recovery for the patient, compared to the open technique.

Since 2014, he has performed surgeries using the arthroscopy technique, performing 2,400 wrist arthroscopies to this date, with excellent results for his

Currently Dr. Tandioy belongs to the Colombian Society of Hand Surgeons, is a member of the Hand Chapter of the Colombian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, also he is a member of the International Society of Wrist Arthroscopy and is an international member of the American Society of Hand Surgery.


With the experience shared with his mentors, he has published the following

– All inside Anatomic Arthroscopic (3A). Reconstruction of Irreparable TFCC Tear.
– Wrist arthroscopy: indications, portal anatomy and therapeutic advances.
– Modified Technique for Basilar Thumb Osteoarthritis.
– (Dry) Arthroscopic Partial Wrist Arthrodesis: Tips and Tricks.

His vision is to publish his own experiences collected over the years, showing innovative and minimally invasive techniques, with which he has guaranteed very good results in the recovery of his patients.

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