Frequently Asked Questions

Osteoarthritis of the thumb or Rizarthrosis

What are the causes of Rizarthrosis?

The continuous rubbing or friction between the metacarpal bones and the trapezius, this leads to a constant wear. In addition, the ligaments become so relaxed that the relationship between the trapezius joint and the metacarpal joint (luxation or dislocation) is lost.

What are the symptoms of Rizarthrosis?

The pain occurs at the base of the thumb and can range from occasional pain to a strong and weakening pain, which is increased by activity, mainly done by gripper and grip movements, such as cutting with a pair of scissors, uncapping a bottle, opening a door.

What is the treatment for Rizarthrosis?

In the initial phases, it is recommended to apply ice and heat locally; physical therapy and medications for pain and inflammation; or the use of splints, immobilization elements that help to relocate the bones and provide support.

When is surgery recommended as a procedure to treat Rizarthrosis?

It is aimed for those patients that experienced failure of their treatment without surgery or for those who have an advanced state of the disease.

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