How to take care of our hands in quarantine

In these times of pandemic and quarantine, where our daily lives and routines have been drastically modified, we have found ourselves with the need to reinvent ourselves as people and in the same way reinvent ourselves as professionals, students, parents, friends, colleagues, among others.

Our homes went from being the place where we just rest and share time with the family, to become the space where we must carry out multiple activities, such as remote working, studying virtually, exercising, reading, cooking, among many others; and in all these activities our hands are and will always be the protagonists, hence the importance of having certain care and actions that allow us to keep them in a very good condition.

Here below are some recommendations to take care of our hands in this quarantine.

To prevent accidents when doing housework:

  • Avoid using rings, watches or bracelets while doing housework or any other activity, since they can get tangled with other surfaces, causing accidents.
  • To achieve a proper handling of food, it is recommended to defrost them previously, either with hot water or with the microwave, so that we can handle them with our hands in an appropriate and safe manner.
  • Use the appropriate tools to open canned products, so that our hands do not have to intervene directly.
  • Hands should not be used as a support when cutting food, hence, chopping boards or specific kitchenware conditioned for cutting must be used.
  • Use gloves or the necessary protection ware when handling hot food or utensils.

Movements to relax the hand and wrist, after performing extensive and repetitive work or domestic activities:

(Repeat each movement three times and perform them with both hands)

  • Close your hands and fingers as hard as you can, for about 3 to 5 seconds, and then open them.
  • Extend your arm and elbow to the chest level, bend your wrist downwards with the help of the other hand, and then upwards. Apply gentle pressure with the opposite hand.
  • Touch the index finger with the thumb, then the middle finger with the thumb and so on so forth with the other fingers.
  • Make circles with your thumb to one side and then to the other.

Moreover, remember to wash your hands frequently, keep them moisturized and hydrated, avoiding contact with the face, if they have not been previously washed. Also remember that when removing the mask, it must be removed by the fasteners.

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