Triangular fibrocartilage injury

Where is the triangular fibrocartilage located?

The triangular fibrocartilage ligament is part of the anatomy of the wrist, being one of the 24 ligaments that compose it, in addition to 15 other bones.

This ligament is located on the ulnar side of the wrist and is frequently injured, by falls with the hand in a hyperextension or pronation position, such falls could be from a bicycle or motorcycle, or by lifting heavy objects that rotate the wrist.

At first this injury can be diagnosed as a wrist sprain, however, if after applying immobilization, it does not improve, a deep study should be conducted in search of the ligament injury, therefore a hand surgeon is the ideal person for the diagnosis of these types of injuries.

What is the treatment?

The treatment options for a fibrocartilage injury range from simple immobilization to surgery, this depends on the type of injury the patient presents.

With regard to surgery, there are two options: open surgery or minimally invasive surgery (wrist arthroscopy). The latter not only brings aesthetic benefits by leaving only a small and imperceptible scar, but also has the advantage of a quick recovery, as well as avoiding damaging the tissue around the ligament.

In addition, after the intervention by the arthroscopy technique, the patient presents minimal pain, with a rapid rehabilitation that will allow him to carry out, again, lifting or support activities.

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