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What to do after a hand surgery?

  • Once the decision is made to perform surgery on your hand or wrist, it is recommended to have in mind certain situations that will allow the procedure to have a better result, both during and after surgery. Recommendations for before the surgery:
    • It is important to tell your doctor about the medications you are taking.
    • If you take aspirin, green tea, ginkgo biloba or omega 3, you should stop taking it 8 days before the surgery.
    • If you present health problems, symptoms of having a virus or infection, you should inform your doctor about it, days previous the surgery.
    • Before surgery, you should have an 8-hour fast.
    • It is allowed to take the daily medications that are important for your health with a little bit of water.
    • If you smoke, it is recommended to suspend it, this will help a better healing not only of the wound but of the internal tissues.
    • Before surgery, it is important to organize all your pending tasks both at home and at work, to avoid having to do them during your recovery.
    Recommendations for the day of surgery:
    • If you have a sling at home, please do not forget to bring it on the day of surgery.
    • Bring diagnostic images, such as X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs.
    • Have the company of an adult.
    • Attend surgery with comfortable clothes, to facilitate the undressing when getting ready for surgery and likewise when dressing to return home.
    • On the first 24 hours, it is recommended to eat lightly, not dairy, fat or carbonated drinks.
    • During the first 3 days you should take the formulated medication, even if you don´t feel pain, to avoid feeling ailments during the recovery.
    • You should not drive, regardless of the procedure performed and determine with your doctor for how long.
    • Discuss the incapacity period with your doctor.
    To know the recommendations after a hand surgery, we invite you to read our article What to do after a hand surgery?
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